light and GLOOM

Clive Jones.

Clive Jones’ recent paintings result from ongoing interests, experiences whilst traveling, and the attempt to make reflective comment on landscape. Influenced by pop culture, films, music, memory and dreams, these paintings make for a narrative entertainment with a hint of humorous surrealism.

This painterly style, with the evident brush marks is balanced by finely painted detail to create a figurative realism. The spectator is able to understand that things are hidden in plain sight.
These pictures use quality mediums and oil paints on canvas. A time tested method which begins with drawing the image, followed by fast under painting, and then slow fine tuning of the detail.
For Clive, looking is the ideal way to understand and to feel informed.

For him, thinking with too many words reduces the quality of the experience. With a career in stage and screen work as an art director, maker and painter of sets/scenery and props, hundreds of productions have been contributed to by this artist.

The show title refers to light and shadow and doom and gloom.

Exhibition: Wednesday 7 March – Sunday 25 March 2018