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Somewhere Over the Mango is a collaborative exhibition that explores the role of absurdity as a method of critique and satire within Contemporary Art practice. Through the use of found objects, happenings and material interventions this exhibition aims to subvert ideas surrounding mass-production, entertainment and globalisation and the ways in which these facets of Capitalism shape our understanding of contemporary visual culture. The artists will conduct a series of happenings and installations within the gallery space forming an immersive environment and exploring ideas of duration, the irrational, humour and the grotesque. 

Through the repurposing of the found object, Dathe and Georgetti’s collaborative installations take on a slapstick and almost grotesque appearance whereby the role of absurdity is further removed from its existential history and employed as a political form of satire. In their provisional and immersive spaces, the commodified object is used against capitalism, and behaves more as a critical instrument used to depict the hysteria of consumer culture and the hostile nature of the mass-produced image that has been absorbed within expanded art practice. In this sense, there is a re-evaluation of the role of the artist as an author and a shift towards facilitating and re-framing our experience of the banal. With a kind of anti-aesthetic and perverted characterisation of the everyday, Georgetti and Dathe push for an absurdity that acts as a strategy for poetics, a vocabulary for the irrational and a means through which our socio-economic landscape can be challenged.


Publication documenting the residency to be released mid July.              

Neon Parlour Gallery is OPEN to the public for the duration of the residency. The space will transform throughout the month as installations and happenings occur.

Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 11-6 / Sat-Sun 11-5

Image Credits: Michael Giorgetti 



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