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  • Neon Parlour 791 High Street Thornbury, VIC, 3071 Australia (map)
Fa Faye Fa /  Picture 1  / 2016 / Digital print

Fa Faye Fa / Picture 1 / 2016 / Digital print


Pronunciation: /ˈprəʊɡrɛs/

1. Forward or onward movement towards a destination
2. Development towards an improved or more advanced condition.

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 19th August, 2016 / 6PM

EXHIBITION RUNS: 19th-28th August, 2016


Tin Wong

From the dawn of civilization we’ve used tools to make life easier. We’ve developed technology for the same reason. We built machines for agriculture, then machines to assist construction. When we have our own stable life with enough to eat and a secure place to live, we start to hunger for more by taking others food and land. We build machines for battles. The hunger for power keeps growing until we build the ultimate killing machines. We are trying to eliminate our opponents but the machines of mass destruction are trying to wipe out everything. However, there is always hope. Someone will build a machine to stop it all and return everything back to what it used to be. Then, civilization starts over again until possibly someone makes the same mistake again.


Fa Faye Fa

Using traditional Chinese characters as both images and words, “pictures 1-5” (part of the “logography” series) are not merely the artist's appreciation towards the aesthetics and etymology of the characters, but a play on the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just an image. Furthermore, that an image of a subject could convey its meaning or essence even more effectively than words.


Winfield Bloodsaw

Winfield Bloodsaw is a practitioner in the pixel arts, conjuring his adolescent fever dreams into digital existence. That which stalks the labyrinthine corridors of the mind is now summoned to this plane. The sun is drawn down from the skies and the land is cast into shadow.


Sebastian Ingram

Building compositions out of overlays of simple geometric forms with reference to the Fibonacci sequence, the works explore the idea of progress. With each layer the composition develops. This of course is dependent on how progress in itself is perceived.


Brenton Hale

A satirical comment of classical artists, clad in modern art, offers an insight into the over conceptualization of modern art. The concepts can be said to be directly borrowed from the classics, leaving the viewer to question what exactly is the nature of progress.


Sebastian Ingram /  Untitled   / 2016 / Laser print on acetate

Sebastian Ingram / Untitled  / 2016 / Laser print on acetate

Tin Wong /  Robot of Building  / 2016 / Relief print

Tin Wong / Robot of Building / 2016 / Relief print

Earlier Event: August 7
Later Event: September 2
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