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Shamanic Rehab

Shamanic Rehab is an exhibition about breaking what is healed and healing what is broken. As a path toward progress and development, it's wounding and healing at the same time.

Working with oil paint on board and canvas Rene Sinkjaer and Vatche Solakian bring a collection of paintings which explore the complexities of human emotions.  

"I am interested in subtle human emotions, the existence of tenderness and violence in each individual and each individuals relationship to each other . And in turn their relationship to the 3 dimensional objects and world outside them. And the unique music created from the visual notes in the paintings both living an inanimate. The subjects are often drawn from personal memories , I paint them to understand them and thus understand myself." - Vatche Solakian

"To pinpoint two things that informs my work is impossible, its many things combined, also I truly question myself why I paint and what's the point of it, I don't know." - Rene Sinkjaer


Opening night has a special addition with a performance from Saca La Mois DJ (a.k.a. Moses Iten), dance floor specialist and member of the incredible Cumbia Massive collective.
Saca La Mois DJ digs deep in his extensive collection of music collected all over the world for this exclusive performance, uncovering dusty synth melodies and hand-made drum machine sounds that explore the outer reaches of the universal shaman in us all.

So come along, take in the art and move your mind, body and soul!

         OPENING NIGHT: Fri Dec 1 / 6 - 9pm - With music by Saca La Mois DJ
                 EXHIBITION DATES: Fri 1 Dec - Sun 10 Dec
              GALLERY HOURSWed - Fri 11am - 6pm / Sat - Sun 11am - 5pm  


Rene Sinkjaer, Untitled, Pencil on Paper.

Vatche Solakian, Image of Blue Blood and the Snowman, Oil on Canvas.


And I came to you

                  for peace

And I came to you

                  For Gold

And I came to you

                  For lies

And you gave me fever

                  & wisdom

                  & cries

                  of sorrow

& we'll be here

                 the next day

                 the next day



                                               - Jim Morrison


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