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It always starts with the self. This is unsurprising, considering the primary reference we have for experience is our own.

Throughout history artists have used the self-portrait as a vehicle for self-discovery and contemplation, simultaneously documenting and commenting on their existence; and increasingly we see the body and the self being used in political contexts and referencing the surrounding social climate. Self-representation has also changed dramatically over the last decade with the rise of new media and the mass circulation of images on facebook and other platforms, questioning whether the evolution of the self-portrait includes these over-curated images. Is this shift in self-documentation merely an indulgence into our narcissism, or can it be used as a tool for empowerment and exploration in questioning what is self? One could argue that self-portraits have always been curated by the artist in some way. Furthermore, as multi faceted beings, are we under obligation to present our true self, if this even exists, at all times?

In this eclectic exhibition, local artists present the self-portrait through diverse mediums. Figurative works that use more traditional devices are presented alongside others that re-imagine or distort, pushing into abstraction. Painted representations, sculpture, photographs and stop motion, lo-fi images captured on hand-held devices, and movement pieces performed in real time. The works explore concepts including identity, gender, vulnerability, sex, social media, body image, loss, feminism, and mind body duality.


OPENING NIGHT                Friday 24 March / 6 - 9

EXHIBITION                        Wednesday 22 March - Sunday 16 April / 2017



Aimee Rytenskild / Avan Anwa / Bette Brain / Braden Keir / Caitlin Jade Ramsden-Smith / Daniel Longo / Ero / Georgina Lamperd / Gina Bo Bina / Harriet Rose / Jess Snir / Jillian Price / Lauren Hutchison / Lauren Olney / Luke King / Meghan Black / Mossy 333 / Naqia Lee / Roynae Mayes / Sarah Taylor / Sophia Constantine / Sorim Byeon / Souma Ahmadi / Stephanie Granlund / Sunny Short / Te Claire / Tori Day / Travis Vella


Image Credits:

Sophia Constantine, Chi Chi Lina #1 / Tori Day, Form 1 / Lauren Olney, Red Hills / Jillian Price, Proud Slut / Sunny Short, Untitled /


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