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Perverse Fruits

As our social paradigm transforms, our understanding of sex, pleasure and desire becomes more complex. Whilst we seem to enjoy a more liberated attitude towards sex than in decades past, there remains an undercurrent of discouragement towards engagement with the erotic. 

Throughout human history, the erotic has been a fascination in and of art. Has art been the primary medium through which we can have these conversations, because it is sensory, subjective and often private, much like the erotic experience? 

As both art and pornography develop between and beyond a cis-normative hetero male gaze, the distinction between these mediums is simultaneously blurred and explored from within. Perverse Fruits is an exploration of the transgressive nature of publicly confronting something that is ostensibly private. It addresses the confessional vulnerability of the erotic, whilst trying to make sense of how power moves through it.


OPENING NIGHT         Friday 21 April
EXHIBITION                 Wed 19-Sun 30 April

GALLERY HOURS        Wed - Fri  11 - 6 / Sat - Sun  11 - 5


Exhibiting Artists

Angelica Rose / Anaïs Sofia / Bobby Harrington / Caitlin Julia Murphy / Clare Steele / Claudi JVR / Elyssia Bugg / Eric Brumfield / Hannah Atcheson /Jake Adam Treacy / James Spring / Lauren Salt / Mitchell King / Nicola Blumenthal / Prudence Jopson / Richard Laurence / Shahn Stewart / Shaye Duong / Sophie Gabrielle

Performances (Opening night only)

6:30  Aubade w/ Lena Louise

7:30  Astrid Olden

8:00  Mossy 333


Image Credit: Shaye Duong / 'Spoon' / 2015 / Ink and pencil on paper


Earlier Event: March 23
Later Event: May 18