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The group exhibition VALID draws focus to validation in relationship to intersubjectivity, vulnerability and strength, exploring the important role that it plays in the confirmation of selfhood.

The recognition of thoughts, feelings and experiences by another entity is an essential aspect of the human condition. As a viewer encounters a work wherein an artist has honestly explored a taboo or unconventional concept, they are encouraged to find a common ground on which to relate to the piece. In doing this both the artist and viewer gain insight into their personal experience, while in turn validating the emotions and experiences of the other. This intersubjective relationship sees that both parties involved benefit from the notions of vulnerability and validation.

VALID invites its audience to reflect on this experience. By aiming to break down stigmas and feelings of otherness through mutual support and understanding, the show will bring attention to the reciprocal nature of validation within a 21st century context.


  • Antonia Pantazis
  • Caitlin Shearer
  • Emma Lee Jensen
  • Frances Cannon
  • James J. Robinson
  • Jordyn McGeachin
  • Madison Griffiths
  • Montana Kitching
  • Sarah Ujmaia

Curated by Luisa Cavalieri and Catherine de Sousa