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Shamanic Rehab II

  • Neon Parlour 791 - 793 High st Thornbury Melbourne Australia (map)

An Exhibition by René Sinkjaér and Vatche Solakian

“Look at any inspired painting, it’s like a gong sounding; it puts you in a state of reverberation.”  - Phillip Guston


Neon Parlour is very proud to present the return of René Sinkjaér and Vatche Solakian in ‘Shamanic Rehab II’. It will leave you in no doubt that René Sinkjaér and Vatche Solakian are inspired painters.

These are powerful paintings by serious painters that are certain to delight and engage. These are painters who are referencing many of the great artists and yet finding new ground to lead the viewer into new places with a sense of familiarity.

These paintings can seem to be playing but it is not to be taken for granted that this is the most serious concerns that are at the heart of these works. It is apparent that death is at the door as there always seems to be an overwhelming sense of looming darkness. However there is something easily overlooked in these notions of fear, which is the presence of a light. The heavily laden symbolism is crafted with a the unexpected choices that can only be given to true creativity.

There is something deeply moving to be surprised by an image that you see in the modern world as we have become accustomed to the proliferation of so many accessible images constantly. Our world has oversaturated of eyes with a barrarge that we cannot keep all contained in the consousness. In doing so it waters down our elementary view of images and the genuine finding of something new, we sense that we have seen it all already. To make ‘new’ paintings in this visual environment is some kind of obsurd notion as we cannot even detect the regurgitations from our sub-conscious as they put versions of the same into our formations. Rene and Vatche embrace the works of painters in such open signifiers that it is easy to overlook the intense position of taking the visual language further. And yet they are pushing and toying with imagery to push the viewers around until you see what they are pointing at or perhaps what they are pointing you away from.


‘Shamanic Rehab II’

reassures the notion that painting is alive. They must be seen in the flesh to experience their full potency and are a gift to the viewer that is transcendental.