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  • Neon Parlour 791-793 High Street Thornbury, VIC, 3071 Australia (map)

Travis Vella’s Newest Painting show is the next instalment in the “I don’t believe in Ghosts” series, with the apt addition of “part 2”.

This is his obsession with ‘paint’ and the question of ‘belief’ at the core.

Belief is explored constantly, as both the ends of truth and deception are mixed in the images. 21 ghost stories were collected as a trade for paintings in the first incarnation of the ‘Ghost’ shows and they now form the basis of “I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, part 2”. 

Travis has sourced imagery from family photos on film that have been translated into digital and now appear as paintings. Light transmutes the images all along their journey from the photograph to screens, projection and the use of pigments. Travis is exploring the qualities of the paint as they change in different light wave lengths. Perception and reality are constantly being toyed with to make the viewer disorientate their vision.

The ‘real’ stories are mixed with fakes to leave all perceived truth as questionable. In turn Travis asks whether truth exits or if belief alone is enough? Travis is trying to make the viewer think of what they believe as he tries to simultaneously reject and embrace the mystic. There is the sense that Travis is feigning his disbelief in paintings that force us to suspend some disbelief as we do with all paintings. 

Travis is creating the totem and the icon to test its power, as if to ask if we can create the ‘spiritual’ where there was none, and whether this becomes equally valid. The use of personal and commonly believable stories embedded in non-truths are used to tempt the viewer to believe as it also draws out the desires of belief. Travis is asking if we need to believe in some existence of the mystic? Does this give us a beneficial emotional response? or does it burden us? These paintings acknowledge that as humanity seeks to worship, understand death and explain life, it looks for the divine or mystic in some way that may allow for the deception. Travis' paintings
intentionally disrupt the eye and brain to conjure an emotional response to your beliefs. The family and nostalgia is woven through all the images to find a similarity with each individual viewer. Travis' paintings make you to feel when you see. 

The opening night on June 1st will be a special event, incorporating mystic performance, and will give a unique understanding to the works. They want to make you respond emotively and consider existence itself. 

“I DON’T BELIEVE IN GHOSTS - PART 2” will be open from 6pm on June 1st– 10th. The exhibition will be open from 5-8pm each night after the opening. The opening event will be an experience in the investigation into the mystic and one not to be missed. You will have to see it, to believe it! 

OPENING NIGHT June 1 / 6 - 9pm
EXHIBITION: 1 - 10 June / 5 - 8pm