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FORAGE | Tenfold Textile Collective

Opening: 12th April 6-9pm

Exhibition: 12th-28th April

Tenfold Textile Collective has created a series of works that explore the possibilities of materials that can be foraged from the urban environment. In contemporary society our instincts to forage are redirected, leaving us disconnected from our local environment. Here, the artists have searched their own surroundings and utilised naturally grown, locally produced or found discarded objects, from which to create their art.

Forage prompts the artists to interrogate what survives, transforms, thrives or perishes in our local urban ecosystem, redirecting and re-sharpening our sensitivities to our world. The pieces demonstrate how a textile-based practice evokes an acute alertness to the frailties of modern life – over-production, over-consumption and a throwaway culture.

Forage invites the viewer to take a closer look at their own environment – to see what is being grown locally or made on a small scale, what materials can be used in a new way – to mourn what is lost and stand in awe at what endures.

Tenfold Textile Collective is a group of ten emerging artists who draw inspiration from encouraging, challenging and supporting each other’s practices.

Some, or all, of the group exhibits together on a regular basis amplifying their voices and inviting others into their stories.

Each artist brings different aesthetics, techniques and life experiences to their shared love of textiles and commitment to social justice and sustainability – themes that recur in their groups shows. The group’s work is process driven – where the acts of making and exploring, and the experience of creating are outcomes in themselves.

Tenfold Textile Collective’s aim is to continue to learn and develop together, alongside their individual practices, and to be part of the movement bringing contemporary textile art to a wider audience.

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