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Opening: Friday 31st March | 6.45pm Sarah Mary Chadwick performing

Closing: Sunday 9th June | 4.00pm Sarah Mary Chadwick performing

Opening: 31st May 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition: 31st May - 9th June

Sarah Mary Chadwick’s Good Conduct, Well Chastised explores the role of jousissance and its relation to the subject. Her graphic images are inspired by her vested interest in contemporary psychoanalytic theory that explore how subjects are at a deadlock with their own enjoyment. Standing in front of Chadwick’s work positions the viewer to conceive pleasure as deriving from the Other. It further illustrates how a subject’s only way to maintain and imagine an unfluctuating jousissance is to apprehend it as the Other’s jousissance. Since the inner core of a person’s joy eludes them, we in turn experience the Other’s jousissance as a threat to our own identity and something to be discarded or even obliterated.

The dysmorphic subjects in her work is thus not an attempt to shock the audience or to give us a cheap thrill but to recognise how this deadlock is shared. Chadwicks’ gestural and sweeping brushwork is a further accentuation of how this collective disavowelling is not governed by any pleasure principles governed by the id but by our shared rejection of the Other’s pleasure.

Sarah Mary Chadwick is a Melbourne based artist predominantly known for her musical career. Her haunting melodies and intimate vocals has taken her  across the globe. Her unflinching approach to songwriting allows her to introduce complex, often difficult subject matter into her work in a way that is as vivid as it is organic, an approach that can also be seen in her visual works.

Sarah Mary Chadwick -  The Queen Who Stole The Sky   | New Album  Out Now

Sarah Mary Chadwick - The Queen Who Stole The Sky | New Album Out Now