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  • neon parlour 791 High Street Thornbury, VIC, 3071 Australia (map)

Opening: 8th March 6-9pm

Exhibition: 8-17th March

My paintings explore ideas of representation and our altered visual culture in an age of digital technology and imagery. Modern life is continuously bombarded by visual information relayed by screens, digital media and technology.

This information is reflected back at us, usually in small glimpses, revealing a shattered and splintered view of reality. We consume this reality through our eyes as we survey the limitless geometry of the screen and the flattened image 

 We are unaware of the effect that the myriad of images has on our ability to perceive and discern our way through the accumulated, visual detritus. Instead we are caught in the midst of this wave and blinded by our insatiable desire for visual stimulation. 

This visual detritus is akin to the notion of jouissance as a political factor. Whereby, the imposed ideology does not operate as a mere system of representation, but as visceral gratification - an ideology enjoyed despite what the subject morally claims. 

 My paintings respond to this state in a fragmented, almost schizophrenic way, while subverting the notions of representation and perception. These graphic images thus portray how jouissance returns to the subject not as discourse or as system of representation but rather by associating itself with the locus of the Other. 

The intensity of my response is heightened by painting’s ability to reject the recognizable tropes of digital media while still appropriating its visual language.

Glitches, split-screen images and saturated colour are liberated from the screen and relocated into paintings, which provide a somewhat disjointed interpretation of our current visual engagement and preoccupation.