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Jordan Kaye |  Abracadabra  | 2019

Jordan Kaye | Abracadabra | 2019


Opening: Friday 16th august 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition: 16th August - 01 September

Jordan Kaye’s solo exhibition ‘Resident Alien’ captures the state of his psyche during a four month journey across Mexico and Guatemala. 

‘Resident Alien’ is a series of images depicting lone figures in idiosyncratic and pedestrian moments that highlight himself and his subjects displacement from the physical environment. It is an investigation into the significance of the minutiae in movement, thought and in time. 

“Via exploring the importance of being mindful in environments I encounter, I have coined a concept called ‘Phototherapy’ - through taking photographs I am able to find presence in the physical environments I encounter. I believe that it is within the decisive moment of capturing a photograph that you are able to communicate with your sub-conscious mind. Through that communication I discover that where my subjects and where I exist, is a manifestation of my consciousness through the lens”

Jordan Kaye’s individual photos are snapshots of quotidian moments captured in vibrant and quiet backgrounds. It is these sensuous background colours dispossessed of a subject’s facial cues that give a powerful sense of displacement. Some of the strongest works depict banal scenes of everyday life - the opening of a door, the carrying out of bins, the solitary man in a suit walking down a soundless street: an absent-minded purposiveness that evokes an ‘eerie’ presence.

It is often said that photography gives us a powerful experience of temporality - a moment inaccessible to any gaze. An inaccessibility governed by the manifold of overlapping sensory information; as if the photo itself is distant from the world it captured. Yet, Jordan gives his viewers a consistent qualitative experience. A collective experience that stems from the old structuralist formula  - synchronic and diachronic distinction. Synchronic, for Jordan and the viewer of his work as the works depict a common qualitative experience. And diachronic, as each photo is an unknowing snapshot of a banal moment of a subject’s life that is more than likely never to be reflected upon. ‘Resident Alien’ is about displacement and temporality, it is as Derrida’s laconic epitaph on temporality goes: “In a sense, it is always too late to talk about time."

Unattached, pensive, an observer with a lens, he explores his place relative to his physical displacement from it.

Jordan is a Melbourne based street photographer and artist whose work reflects his understanding about the world and his place in it.

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