NEON PARLOUR is a multi-purpose creative space, which encourages the practices of artists, curators, designers and artisans.

Offering a diverse program, which includes workshops, launches, events, exhibitions and performances. Neon Parlour aims to foster the cultural activities of the Melbourne creative community through continuous engagement and dialogue. 




A multidisciplinary gallery space for the North. Art to Artisan, Exhibition to Pop-up Shop. The gallery space is curated on a seasonal basis with a strong emphasis on artistic merit and locally made content

The Gallery Space


 Neon Parlour actively supports the makers and artists of the inner north, our project space is perfect for workshops, launches, photos shoots and community-based activity.                                

The Project Space>


2 large and 10 smaller secure and private studio spaces under the same roof as an active, dynamic creative hub. Excellent for designers, artists, writers and makers.                                        

The Studio Spaces>